Waterlooville, Hampshire

In August 2020 OSI Maritime approached Gordon at Office Design Works to look at changes to the existing offices in Waterlooville and expanding into the next door unit. A Zoom meeting with Canadian head office was set up and during this we went through the list of requirements for the UK in the future.

A site meeting was then arranged, and full survey taken of both existing and the next door unit. From these drawings and quotation were prepared and options for desk lay out discussed with both UK and Canadian contacts. A few changes later and a final quotation with the decision to do the works in two phases agreed.

During the above process which included, a structural Engineer being consulted, Building control application all with Covid adding to the delays and it wasn’t until April 2021 that works were finally commenced. Despite a few issues with other contractors’ practical completion was achieved on time and within budget.

Works included everything from Lighting & Power to Knock throughs between units and even the cake for the opening party!

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