Office Furniture and Seating

Office Design Works closely with our suppliers to provide a comprehensive range of furniture to support customers budgets and space provision.

Office Furniture

We can use CAD to make best use of the available space and work with the client's work force to ascertain the individual work space needed and taking into account technology changes.

Modern computer flat screens and laptops have mostly done away with the need for the deep crescent desks, which were designed to accommodate the large monitors of old. The modern trend is also to using Bench desking with multiple people on one long desk as below and with the use of monitor arms and other accessories this allows for a clear working area on the desk but with the overall footprint being smaller. Saying this many still prefer the individual desk and we have ranges available to suit many budgets and styles.

Suppliers sourced by Office Design Works include options for Mangers office and boardrooms including made to measure veneer tables with options for inset company logos to enhance that corporate feel.

Reception desks can be designed to suite the space with integral lighting and or glass shelves made to suite give that vital first impression so important for any people visiting a premises.

Bespoke design of individual or multiple pieces of furniture is something we are happy to do as can be seen from the Hampshire Cricket project.


Office Design Works closely a group of manufactures to provide a range of seating to suite all areas styles and budgets. We will also advise the best options to clients for their staff depending upon individual needs. It is often forgotten that in some cases staff can be sitting on Chairs for long hours and making sure the chair is fitted correctly can prevent health issues. A stylish choice of fabric can add flair to an area without greatly increasing costs but give that impression of quality to suite the company feel.

Soft seating and reception seating can add a touch of flair and colour.
These chairs were selected for use in Amity World Travels Agency for ease of use and comfort. Three colours were picked to compliment the decor.

Modern contemporary Sofa's.