Office Design Works offer a wide range of styles and performances are available. We will select the most appropriate type depending upon the location and performance required taking into account the clients brief, design and budget.

Graphics can be added to both solid panels and glass to provide brand imaging or to enhance the feel. Added to this is the vast array of modern stylish commercial wall coverings ODW are able to offer, we can ensure that the end product whilst enclosing areas can also enhance the feel of the workspace. We have a team of experienced office patrician fitters available including some who we have worked with for ten years which ensures that the quality of finish is both to a high standard visually and complies with the manufacturers specification.

Below are some of the standard types of office partitions available as a guide to use.

50mm H post partition which provides is excellent for room dividing and coupled with glazed sections can look fantastic and far better than the cost implies. This system is not suitable where any type of sound or fire performance are required.

75mmm and 100mm stud and track systems are used when a better performance is required either for Fire protection or acoustic and again has glass options to add light or vision when required. On both the above a range of decorative and functional wall coverings are available from the very wide ranging colours of modern vinyl’s to the magnetic dry wipe wall coverings.

All these can be supplied and fitted by the team from Office Design Works and guidance would be given as to what is the best way to keep within a client’s budget yet produce the style required.